About Us

Everyone needs love in their lives, and plumbers are certainly no exception. The next time you see a plumber, do yourself (and him or her!) a big favor – show them some love and give them a hug! Make it a bear hug, and hold on tight!

At Hug A Plumber, we show plumbers the love in the best way we know how: by supplying top-quality plumbing and heating products. We keep our shelves stocked so that when plumbers need a helping hand, we are there for them, ready to serve with a smile and make sure they feel appreciated and satisfied.

Whenever a plumber comes to us, whatever mood they may be in, we know exactly what we need to give them to cheer them up. Sometimes it’s a valve, sometimes it’s a bathroom fixture, and sometimes – yes! – sometimes it’s a hug. We’re here for everything, a truly full-service plumbing and heating company.

Hug A Plumber – it’s the right thing to do, and it’s the smart thing to do too!