Toilet Jax - Inexpensive, Easy install, Avoid Leaks, toilet flange kit | Hug A Plumber HAPBB2015JAX

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Almost all toilet leaks can be traced back to an improperly installed toilet that damaged the wax ring !!! How does this happen? Misalign the toilet and you will have accidentally crushed the wax ring and not know it. This will cause a leak that could cost thousands of dollars in water damage. Let TOILET JAX hold the toilet for you as the toilet is easily lowered into place. TOILET JAX is very inexpensive and reuseable for future installations. It helps make an easy, fast, and perfectly aligned toilet installation every time.

  • Avoid Leaks - Plumbers should use TOILET JAX because it can eliminate “the callbacks” from toilet leaks because the toilet is properly installed.
  • Inexpensive and Reusable - very inexpensive and reusable for future installations . It helps make a easy, fast and perfectly aligned toilet installation every time.
  • Easy install - Manipulating the uniquely shaped patent pending TOILET JAX one at a time lowers the toilet perfectly onto the toilet flange and wax ring.
  • Top Quality - US Made Product
  • Installation Guide -